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21 gramms from input to output

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Introducing the 1st Gaspard Vanardois solo album.

Published on Dec 28, 2015

Gaspard Vanardois – 1st Solo Album
 » 21gramms from input to output » (2015).
Produced, recorded, Mixed and Performed
by Gaspard Vanardois (All instruments, voices(#3), samples, percussions, computers, effects…) except :
(#3) Doublebass by Lola Bonfanti
Recorded at home since 2010 to 2014.
All tracks written and arranged by Gaspard Vanardois, except :
#3 Solitude, written by Duke Ellington
#6 Milonga del Angel, written by Astor Piazzolla
#8 Pavane (pour une Infante défunte), written by Maurice Ravel
Mastering by Steeve Neotron

Front cd

  1. Ud intro & FICAM 2010 (the film score for the cartoon film festival of Méknès 2010 Maroc)
  2. El Riad
  3. Solitude
  4. Swing 2012 (film music for the cartoon Beuàààrk by Gabriel Jacquel)
  5. Réveil en lumière
  6. Milonga del angel
  7. Why what ?
  8. Pavane (Pour une infante défunte)
  9. Pêle mêle
  10. L’espoir puis le doute
  11. Song for the end of the world